The tools you need when you want to improve your home living

Here we are listing you down the ESSENTIAL and INEXPENSIVE TOOLS that should have at your home. Here is the Listing

1. Hammer:The most common thing that everyone want in home is HAMMER. In order to hang something to the wall apart of the drilling a hand Hammer is must for perfect fixing.

2. Screw Driver:A screwdriver has multi-functionalities. It can not be just used for loosing/tightening of screws but it can be used to open lids etc., at different situations.

3. Measuring Tape:A tape is needed if you want to move the heavy objects to another place before moving them if you look into the dimensions it will be helpful rather than double the work. Apart from it, It can be used for cutting the wood, in constructing a concrete building and in stitching the cloth. A mulit purpose tool that’s why needed in Home.

4. Power Tools:As the world is moving on the principle “USE TECHNOLOGY, work LESS do MORE” the power tools are needed in daily life for hand power drill to measuring tapes everything has been digitalization came. So it can be helpful to complete the task in less time with less energy. So more time can be conserved for doing other tasks.

5. Drill Bits:As the drilling machine is common in daily life in order to perform various drills at various places at different sizes a standardised drill bit box is needed. So it can be done against the wall as well as in the wooden things too.

6. Saw: A manual hand saw or power saw is needed based on the requirement of the things you need to do at home.

These are the common things which are needed for doing common works at home.

Nows lets look into the kitchen tools needed daily
1. Knife and Boards: A sharp knife and chopping board is needed for cutting and chopping of vegetables, Fruits and other leafy vegetables for eating purpose.

2. Slicer dicer: If you are more particular about the shapes of the cutting and eating vegetables of uniform size a nice slicer and dicer is needed.

3. Juicer:lf you have a habit of drinking juice daily a hand make juicer or mixer is needed for doing it daily. its good for health to drinking juice.

4. Bottle Opener:lf you drink you need to open bottle lids som times an opener is needed unfortunately. so its better to have a bottle opener at times.

These are some common things which come’s in mind for a kitchen purpose tools. If you get something which is essential then mention in the COMMENTS below we will consider it and update if any.

Now common things/tools for cleaning in home

1. Ladder:As the rooms are bit and decorative a ladder is must for cleaning the room at any level even by kids to a mother.

2. Air Blower:ln order to clean a car/home window a hand air blower is must for easy use.

3. Vacuum cleaner:A healthy life depends on the surroundings you live. so its must to clean the surrounding. So a electrical vaccum cleaner makes the life easy and healthy.

4. Mop:For cleaning the floor with wet a mop is useful.

5. Shovel:For picking up the waste into it and easy to put in dustbin. These are the common tools which are needed for most common in daily life.